RAMP server certification: what do you need to know

ramp server certification

Essential things to know about selling and serving alcohol in Pennsylvania
The hospitality industry is a lucrative business but selling and serving alcohol in Pennsylvania also poses risks. Bar and restaurant owners need to have proper knowledge of the laws and regulations involved in serving alcohol, or they run the risk of liability or even worse loosing their license. Often these infractions are incurred by employees.  

An Overview of the PLCB
The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) a government institution in the state of Pennsylvania, which regulates alcohol sales, and whose certifications are required for businesses and help protect them against liability. The PLCB mandates a RAMP certification program that educates employees about laws and best practices involved in working at bars or restaurants. Completing the PLCB RAMP certification ensures workers can perform their jobs safely.
The consequences of not following the PLCB rules can be serious and range from monetary fines to loosing your license. Having certified staff with the help of PA Server Seller Training Co. can help protect you from these issues.

Training for the Real World
Servers face many different scenarios when working at a seller/server business, with many of them being problematic. Unruly patrons may ask for alcohol and pose a threat to themselves or others. Intoxicated customers pose numerous legal threats to a business.
With the help of PA Server Seller Training Co, you and your staff will be trained to identify and deal with these issues. Your staff will be able to make quick decisions required for proper alcohol service.

We are the Bar and Restaurant Owners best Friend
It doesn’t have to be expensive for your staff to get RAMP certified. They can even take their course from the convenience of their home. Our state-of-the-art interactive course system makes it easy to get properly trained. And once you have completed the course, their certification is valid for 2 years. We have great prices and group discounts for employers. Click here and find the course you need to get RAMP certified